Technologies : Z8 Encore! XP 64K Flash (Z8F6482 Series General-Purpose Flash MCU)

The F6482 Series MCUs, part of Zilog's Z8 Encore! XP® microcontroller line, are based on our advanced 8-bit eZ8 CPU core and are optimized for low-power and wireless applications. The F6482 Series supports 1.8V to 3.6V low-voltage operation with extremely low Active, Halt, and Stop Mode currents, and offers an assortment of speed and low-power options.
Update, November 11, 2014: The F6482 Series devices are now released, and samples are available. To learn more, see our official F6482 Series press release and/or the Z8 Encore! XP product page.

Associated Documentation
Doc ID Title Doc Type
AN0372-SC01 Source code for the Low Power Programmable Thermostat Using the F6482 Series MCU Source Code
PB0246 F6482 Series General-Purpose Flash Microcontroller Product Brief Product Brief
PS0294 F6482 Series General-Purpose Flash Microcontroller Product Specification Product Specification (Data Sheet)
RM0064 F6482 Series API Programmer’s Reference Manual Reference Manual
UM0263 F6482 Series Development Kit User Manual User Manual
UP0138 F6482 Series Product Update Product Update
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