Reference Design: Mini-Z® ZNEO 28-Pin Module (Z16F2800100MODG)

Zilog’s Mini-Z® ZNEO 28-Pin Module is a 28-pin "stamp" module in a Dual Inline Pin package designed for the engineer, student and enthusiast to quickly develop prototypes, proofs of concept and demonstrations as well as to provide the functionality required for hands-on learning. The Mini-Z ZNEO 28-Pin Module is a single-board computer that is easy to use, and it boasts a wide support base of free application resources.

The Module, which features the 16-bit ZNEO CPU-based Z16F2810 MCU, is designed to be pin-compatible with other vendors' basic stamp modules. This compatibility in the Module’s design allows you to utilize differing vendors’ base boards which you may already possess in your development arsenal.

Mini-Z ZNEO 28-Pin Module Features

  • Powerful 16-bit CISC microcontroller
  • 128 KB of Flash program space with 16-bit access and in-circuit programming
  • 4 KB internal RAM with 16 bit access
  • 24-bit address space
  • 24-bit stack with overflow protection
  • Direct register-to-register architecture, allows each memory address to function as an accumulator. This improves execution time and decreases the required program memory
  • 5.5 V to 15 V input with internal 5 V and 3.3 V regulation
  • 4-channel, 10-bit ADC
  • Analog Comparator
  • Internal Precision Oscillator
  • I2C Master/Slave Controller
  • Enhanced Serial Peripheral Interface (ESPI)
  • Three standard 16-bit timers with capture, compare and PWM capability
  • 12-bit PWM module with three complementary pairs, or six independent PWM outputs, with deadband generation and fault trip input
  • 24 interrupts with programmable priority
  • Watchdog Timer with Internal RC Oscillator
  • On-Chip Debugger
  • Voltage Brown-Out protection (VBO)
  • Power-On Reset (POR)
  • Low Power modes

This Module ships preprogrammed with a boot loader and a control shell and is fully compatible with the ZDS II for ZNEO tools suite, which is available as a free download in the Zilog Store.


Get started developing your Mini-Z application today! Purchase the Mini-Z ZNEO 28-Pin Module (Product ID #RD10002) from the Zilog Store.

The Mini-Z® ZNEO 28-Pin Module Reference Design

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