ROHS Lead free Green Package FAQ

• ROHS/Leadfree/Green Package FAQ
1. When can I obtain lead-free product from Zilog?
Zilog-qualified lead-free products have been available since September 29, 2003.

2. How can I determine if the product is lead-free?

For Integrated Circuits: Zilog identifies lead-free product with a "G" (indicating environmentally friendly Green package) in the Zilog product numbering system. (e.g. Z86C0408SSG)
For Stressed Parts: For parts that undergo special testing such as burn-in the "D" designator becomes "J" when in comes RoHS-compliant (e.g. Z84C9008VED1380 becomes Z84C9008VEJ1380)
For IrDA: A special lot designator (SL) "2090" has been added to the original part number (e.g. ZHX1810MV115THTR becomes ZHX1810MV115TH2090TR.)
For Die Products: No changes will be made to our die products naming. Zilog dice are already compliant even before the RoHS directive was enforced.
For Modules/Tools/Kits: They can be identified by the presence of a "G" suffix after the original product number (e.g. eZ80F915050MOD becomes eZ80F915050MODG)

3. Is it really 100% lead-free?
Yes, ZiLOG uses 100% Sn (Tin) for our lead-free products

4. Aside from being Lead-free, will the "G" products be able to meet the RoHS Directive?
Yes. The content level for the six RoHS substances including Deca–BDE is within the restriction limits set by the EU directive.

5. What is the typical plating thickness for your leadfree finish?
Our limits are set at 300 - 800 m inches, however typical values are at 400 - 600 m inches (10.16 - 15.24 m m).

6. Do you employ an annealing process?
Yes, our assembly subcontractors use a 1-hour post-plating bake @ 150 ° C annealing step in their process.

7. What about lead-free solder paste?
Zilog assembly subcontractors use lead-free solder paste compliant to RoHS.

8. Is there a change to the reflow temperature?
Yes, lead-free "G" products are processed at a higher reflow temperature requirement, please refer to our "Lead-Free Solder Reflow: Packaging Application Note, AN0161, for specifics.

9. What is the maximum temperature that the "G" products can withstand?
Our "G" Products are rated to withstand up to 260 degrees Celsius for 20 seconds.

10. Can "G" parts be soldered using the Non-"G" parts solder profile? In other words, if we started changing our production to Green only, do you think that this would be a problem?
"G" parts are compatible with a leaded reflow process. They are backward compatible except on BGA packages. The lead free soldering process typically uses a higher temperature. The non-"G" package may not be robust at these higher temperatures. Therefore, we cannot use non-leadfree packages in a higher temperature lead free soldering process.

11. Does the molding compound stay the same?
No, lead-free products require the use of environmentally friendly "Green Compound" to compliment the higher reflow temperatures. Zilog lead-free products were qualified with "Green Compound".

12. Does Zilog’s RoHS compliance and “G” products involve changes to the integrated circuit (die) itself?
No, compliance to RoHS requirements and Zilog “G” parts involves changes to the packaging of the integrated circuit such as the molding compound or lead finish.
13. Will the change in materials affect the moisture sensitivity of the Zilog parts?

No, respective moisture sensitivity levels will remain the same for the corresponding packages.


14. Is the molding compound colored green?
No, the "green" refers to the environmentally friendly nature of the compound and not the specific color of the material.

15. Do the lead-free products meet UL94 V-0 Rating?
Yes, these products meet the UL94 V-0 Flammability Rating.

16. Is there a cost-added for lead-free products?
There is no cost adder passed onto our customers.
17. Is Zilog converting all products to lead-free?
Zilog plans to convert to 100% RoHS compliant products as a standard in the future. We will manage exceptions based on customer need and requirements.

18. Are Zilog's assembly subcontractors prepared for lead-free processing?
Yes, Zilog has been working very closely with our subcontractors during this program.

19. Can I obtain Zilog's lead-free product qualification report?
Yes, this report can be requested through your local Zilog sales support organization. This is also available at

20. Will Zilog provide an Application Note on lead-free product use?

Yes, Application Note AN0161 is available on our website..
21. What does Zilog mean by "Product is non-RoHS compliant"?
Non-RoHS Compliant means that the item does not meet one or more of the restricted materials limitations as defined in EU Directive 2002/95/EC as repeated below:
Maximum concentration value, by weight, of 0.1% in homogenous materials for lead,
mercury, hexavalent chromium, Polybrominated biphenyls (PBB) and Polybrominated
Diphenyl ethers (PBDE) including Deca-BDE or 0.01% by weight in homogenous materials for cadmium.

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