Zilog Standalone Programmer Configuration Software v2.1.1

Product Id - SD00060


This Zilog Standalone Programmer (ZSP) Configuration Software installation v2.1.1 supports S3 and Z8Encore! MCU families and the part number ZUSBZSP0100ZACG. The following new features are supported:

  • Added a prompt to erase the ZSP Configuration Information Area on firmware upgrading if the ZSP firmware version is v2.0 or earlier.
  • Fixed the issue of programming S3 Smart Options.

This Software, version 2.1.1 is free for download and is furnished as an executable file and includes a readme file; all current supporting documentation is available on the Zilog website. Please refer to the ZSP Upgrade Information guide for upgrading the ZSP firmware. To download this software requires that you read, understand, and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of Zilog's Software License Agreement

To download this software, please click the Software License Agreement hyperlink and agree to the terms. After doing so, the Download button will automatically become active for you to download the software.

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