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Zilog's ZMOTION® Intrusion Detection Solution provides a dramatic improvement in both sensitivity and stability over traditional security-related motion detection designs. Like our other ZMOTION products, the Intrusion Detection Solution is an integrated and flexible solution for Passive Infrared (PIR)-based motion detection applications and includes a high-performance microcontroller with integrated motion-detection algorithms. Plus, it's also available with a selection of lenses and PIR sensors (see ZMOT1AHH) to fit a wide range of intrusion detection and security applications.

With integrated functions such as White Light Detection and Pet Immunity, the ZMOTION Intrusion Detection Solution is the ideal solution for security applications in which highly stable intrusion detection capability is vital.

Build your Intrusion Detection application with the ZMOTION Intrusion Detection Development Kit (ZMOTIONS200ZCOG).

And now, check out the new ZMOTION Intrusion Reference Design (ZMOTIONS200ZRDG)!

Learn all about the ZMOTION Development Kit in just minutes! Check out this short video titled How to set up the ZMOTION Development Kit.

All ZMOTION products are RoHS-compliant.

Z8FS021A Features
  • Optimized assemblage of MCU, Lens, and PIR Sensor
  • High-performance eZ8 MCU core
  • 2 KB in-circuit programmable Flash available for application code
  • Single-pin debug with unlimited breakpoints
  • Internal precision oscillator running at 5.53 MHz
  • External oscillator operating up to 20 MHz
  • Sigma Delta ADC with up to 6 channels single ended or 3 channels differential available
  • On-chip analog comparator with independent programmable reference voltage
  • Full-duplex UART with dedicated BRG
  • Two 16-bit timers with input capture, output compare, and PWM capability (11 modes total)
  • Watchdog timer (WDT) with dedicated internal oscillator
  • PIR software engine controlled and monitored through software API registers
ZMOTION Intrusion Detection Block Diagram

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   Does your application require intrusion detection capabilities?
   Do you need lenses for your application?
   Do you need a complete modular solution?
   Does your application require more than five I/O pins?

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