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Zilog’s Z32F0642 microcontroller, a member of the ZNEO32! Family of microcontrollers, is a cost-effective and high performance 32-bit microcontroller that is ideal for use in motor applications.

This Z32F0642 MCU offers 3-phase PWM generator units which are suitable for inverter motor drive systems. A built-in 3-phase PWM generator controls one inverter motor. One 12-bit high speed ADC unit with 12-channel analog multiplexed inputs is included to gather feedback from the motor. This MCU can control up to one inverter motor. Multiple powerful external serial interfaces help communicate with on-board sensors and devices.

Download   the Cortex Microcontroller Software Interface Standard (CMSIS) pack for the ZNEO32! M0 MCUs. This pack provides all the necessary documents, files, and examples for any toolchain supporting CMSIS.

Z32F0642 Features
  • High performance, low-power Cortex-M0 core
  • 64 KB code Flash memory
  • 4 KB SRAM
  • 3-phase Motor PWM (MPWM) with ADC triggering function
  • 1 MSPS high-speed 12-bit ADC with sequential conversion function
  • 16-bit 4-channel Timer
  • 32-bit 1-channel Free Run Timer (FRT)
  • 32-bit 1-channel Watchdog Timer (WDT)
  • External communication ports: 2-channel UARTs, 1-channel I2C, - 1-channel SPI
  • Hardware Divider (DIV64)
  • On-chip RC-oscillator
  • System fail-safe function by clock monitoring
  • XTAL OSC fail monitoring
  • Programmable low voltage detector (brown-out detector)
  • Debug and emergency stop function
Z32F0642 Block Diagram

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