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The Z51F0811 MCU, a member of Zilog’s new Z8051 product family, is an advanced CMOS 8-bit microcontroller with 8KB of Flash memory. This powerful microcontroller provides a highly flexible and cost-effective solution to many embedded control applications, including battery management, LED lighting control and motor control.

With 512 bytes of RAM, 512 bytes of data EEPROM, two clocks per machine cycle, general-purpose I/O, multiple timers (4x8-bit and 2x16-bit), plus PWM, watchdog and watch timers, USART, buzzer port, I2C, on-chip POR, 12-bit ADC and much more, the Z51F0811 MCU is your 8K Flash solution for 8051 embedded application development.

Build your Z8051-based application with the Z51F0811 Evaluation Kit (Z51F0811000KITG) or download the Z8051 Software and Documentation for free from the website.

Z51F0811 Features
    Z51F0811 MCU Block Diagram

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