Education Solutions: Zilog Student Educational Platform (EZEDU16F200MODG)

The Zilog Student Educational (ZSED) Platform is designed to offer a comprehensive educational advantage to students who are pursuing degrees in the electronics and computer science fields. It is a modular development tool for teaching and learning these disciplines at the university level, yet can also serve the needs of students at the high school level.
The ZSED Platform’s robust educational capabilities allow students to learn about microcontroller architecture, language programming, wireless communication, analog-to-digital conversion, sensing technologies, and security encryption methods; students can also experiment with creating industrial lighting, motor control, and smartphone application development applications. Additionally, the ZSED Platform can be configured as a data acquisition and remote control system; it ships with a command shell that allows control of the ZSED Platform without requiring additional programming.
The ZSED Platform features all of the necessary components and software to allow students to design with freedom, including a core module that contains a Zilog microcontroller and several interfaces to which additional optional modules can be attached. The premise of this modularity concept is one of economics, in that students will be able to separately purchase the individual modules they need toward engaging in their selected subjects of study.
These optional modules include:
  • A 2-line by 16-character LCD module
  • A 16-key keypad
  • A traditional breadboard with a variety of SMD footprints and solderless work area
  • An LED Test Shield, used to test all available GPIO lines; it can also be used to
  • develop simple 8x5 pixel graphics
  • A variety of application shields


Note: The LED Test Shield and an assortment of stackable application shields can be individually ordered from the Zilog Store.


Key Features

  • Dual main power options: 6 V–12 V wall outlet or 9 V battery for mobile operation
  • Three voltages available to the breadboard when the ZSED Platform is powered with the included 9 V wall outlet: VMAIN, 3.3 V, 5 V
  • 47 GPIO lines
  • Stackable application shield modules
  • Preprogrammed command shell
  • I/O signal access connector at the J7 expansion port
  • Buzzer


Note: At power-on, the ZSED Platform starts in active Bluetooth communication mode, then searches its iOS connections for the ZEDUcation iPhone App. Any iPhone enabled with the ZEDUcation App and Bluetooth LE will be able to connect with a ZSED Platform that also contains a Z-PAN Bluetooth LE Shield.


In addition to the Zilog documentation listed below, Programming The Zilog ZNEO Microcontroller By Example: Volume 1 - Getting Started, a Kindle book authored by Dan Eisenreich, is a helpful guide to understanding and programming the ZNEO MCU. Find your copy today on You can also download a PDF version at
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to purchase the Zilog Student Educational Platform.
The Zilog Student Educational Platform with Test Shield

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