Development Tool Kit: Z8051 On-Chip Debugger II Kit (Z51FOCD2000ZACG)

The Z8051 OCD II enables a development PC to communicate with your target Z8051-based MCU; its interface dongle (Z51FOCD2000ZACG) is used to connect this development PC to the Z8051 MCU. The OCD II controls the Z8051 MCU’s internal debugging logic including emulation, step run, monitoring, etc., and can read or change the value of the Z8051 MCU’s internal memory and I/O peripherals.
Kit Contents
  • Z8051 On-Chip Debugger II
  • 10-circuit ribbon cable
  • USB A (male) to Mini-B USB cable
  • Kit Flyer/insert


Z8051 On-Chip Debugger II

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Associated Documentation
Doc ID Title Doc Type
FL0169 Z8051 On-Chip Debugger II Kit Insert Flyer
PUG0033 Z8051 Tools Product User Guide Product User Guide
UM0270 Z8051 On-Chip Debugger II Kit User Manual User Manual
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