Development Tool Kit: Z51F3221 Development Kit (Z51F3221000ZCOG)

The Z51F3221 Development Kit is a complete development solution that provides all of the necessary hardware and software tools to develop your application with the Z51F3221 MCU, a member of Zilog's new Z8051 product family.

Zilog’s On-Chip Debugger hardware fully supports the Keil µVision IDE. Our target driver is seamlessly integrated with the Keil debugger, allowing Keil C51 users to work within the µVision4 environment without switching between the Keil compiler and Zilog’s external OCD software.

Kit Contents
  • Z51F3221 Development Board
  • Z8051 USB On-Chip Debugger (OCD)
  • Z8051 OCD Target Cable (10ckt)
  • USB Cables: Two A (male) to Mini-B Cable
  • Z51F3221 Development Kit Insert (FL0149)

Download your Z8051 Software and Documentation for free.


The Z51F3221 Development Kit

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Associated Documentation
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PB0240 Z51F3221 Product Brief Product Brief
PS0300 Z51F3221 Product Specification Product Specification (Data Sheet)
PUG0033 Z8051 Tools Product User Guide Product User Guide
UM0240 Z8051 On-Chip Debugger and In-System Programmer User Manual User Manual
UM0258 Z51F3221 Development Kit User Manual User Manual
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