Development Tool Kit: Z32F3841 Evaluation Kit (Z32F3840100KITG)

Zilog’s Z32F3841 Evaluation Kit (Z32F3840100KITG) enables developers to start programming projects using the Z32F3841 microcontroller, a member of the ZNEO32! Family of MCUs. The kit exposes the ports to allow them to be connected by the user for prototyping and creating proofs of concept.
This Evaluation Kit consists of 3 LEDs (1 power, 2 user), 2 switches, and a USB-to-UART connection for serial communications and powering. The board also includes a standard 20-pin JTAG header.
Kit Contents
The Z32F3841 Evaluation Kit contains the following items:
  • 1 Z32F3841 Evaluation Board
  • 1 A (male) to Mini-B USB cable
  • 1 ZNEO32! Evaluation Kit flyer


Additional requirements (to be obtained by user):
  • JTAG Debugger tool
  • Cortex M3 development tools, such as Keil μVision 5 or IAR Embedded workbench for ARM
  • Zilog CMSIS Pack file
  • Z32F3841 product specification (PS0346)


The Z32F3841 Evaluation Kit

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Associated Documentation
Doc ID Title Doc Type
FL0183 ZNEO32! Evaluation Kit Insert Flyer
PS0346 Z32F384 MCU Product Specification Product Specification (Data Sheet)
UM0278 Z32F384 Evaluation Kit User Manual User Manual
UM0280 ZNEO32! Flash Loader User Manual User Manual
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