Zilog’s ZMOTION Detection and Control Development Kit provides a general-purpose platform for developing your application with the ZMOTION Detection and Control Family of microcontrollers featuring Zilog’s passive infrared (PIR) technology. The family includes a series of high-performance microcontrollers with integrated motion detection algorithms.

With the ZMOTION Development Kit, you can experiment with a variety of lenses and pyroelectric sensors to demonstrate the flexibility of the integrated motion detection algorithms and achieve the best possible performance for a range of lighting, detection and control applications.

The ZMOTION Detection and Control development board features the following elements:


  • ZMOTION Development Board
  • USB Smart Cable
  • 0.9" Focal Flat Lens Holder
  • 0.77" Focal Circular Lens Holder
  • Selection of Fresnel and Nicera lenses
  • Selection of Nicera pyroelectric sensors
  • DB9–DB9 serial cable
  • Wall mount power supply
  • Mounting hardware



  • Zilog Developer Studio II – Z8 Encore! Integrated Development Environment
  • ANSI C-Compiler
  • Sample code
  • Acrobat Reader install program
  • Document browser





Kit Contents for ZMOTIONL100ZCOG

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