Motion Detection


ZMOTION Motion Detection and Control with  PIR Technology



Application Notes

•  Power Management and Customer Sensing with Zilog's ZMOTION Detection Module (AN0301)
•  ZMOTION Detection Module Application Walkthrough  (AN0307)

Product Features
•  Complete, fully functional motion detection module including pyroelectric sensor, Fresnel lens, and MCU – which comes pre-programmed with motion detection software
•  Small form factor-25.5 mm x 16.7 mm
•  5 m x 5 m, 60 degree detection pattern
•  Sensitivity control via simple hardware configuration
•  Advanced serial (UART) based configuration and interface
•  SLEEP mode for low-power applications
•  No temperature compensation required
Input to support CDS photocell for ambient light detection
Minimal components ensure highest possible reliability
Application code can also be modified to support custom solutions
Complete ZDS-II development system available




Zilog’s ZMOTION Detection Module is a complete motion  detection solution that includes a passive infrared (PIR)  sensor, Fresnel lens, and MCU. PIR technology combines the  unique features of the Z8 Encore! XP®with powerful new motion detection algorithms, providing a dramatic  improvement in both sensitivity and stability.


The Z8 Encore! XP MCU features a high resolution Sigma  Delta ADC that, when combined with the statistical  processing motion detection algorithms, eliminates all  external active and discrete components required in  traditional designs.




Used in lighting controls, access control, display systems, and general-purpose proximity sensing applications, it is also an easy way to add energy management capability to various applications, such as vending machines and appliances.


Two modes of operation are supported:


  1. Serial Mode - Command, control, and configuration is performed over a simple 9600-bps asynchronous interface.
  2. Hardware Mode - Standalone motion detection with analog inputs for sensitivity, output on time control, and ambient light detection.


Additionally, users can create their own applications for the module while taking full advantage of the PIR motion detection technology. The detection pattern covers a 60- degree cone typically out to 5 meters - perfect for general-purpose motion detection.



Product Brief (PB0223)
Product Specification (PS0284)
User Manual (UM0223)

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