ZMOTION Intrusion Detection



ZMOTION® Intrusion Detection Solution with Lens and Pyroelectric Sensor Selection Options



Reference Design & Application Notes

•  ZMOTION Intrusion Motion Detector Reference Design (RD0001, RD0001-SC01)
High Brightness LED Reference Design (AN0309AN0309-SC01)

ZMOTION Intrusion Detection Block Diagram



Product Features and Benefits
•  Accurate frequency discrimination and programmable pet immunity
•  White light detection using status LED reduces system cost (eliminates CDS photocell)
•  Wall, corner wall and long range mounting options withFresnel and Nicera lenses
•  Rectangular floor pattern options
•  Lens selection options target security and intrusion detection applications for wide area, long corridors and warehouse settings
•  Optimize the performance of your product by choosing a lensthat closely matches your application
•  Includes preprogrammed ZMOTION detection algorithms
API settings are provided to match the ZMOTION Engine operation to each of the lens and PIR sensor combinatins provided

Part Numbers

Z8FS021AHH20EG   ZMOTION Intrusion 20-Pin MCU
ZMOTIONS200ZCOG   ZMOTION Intrusion Detection Development Kit
ZRE200GE   Standard Dual-Element PIR Sensor
ZSBG323671   Premium Dual-Element PIR Sensor
ZSBG446671   Premium Quad-Element PIR Sensor
ZLR12GI12V3   Wall-Mount Corridor Long Range Array Lens
ZVB12GIV1   Vertical Barrier Array (5.6°) Lens
ZWA12GI12V4   Corner Wall-Mount Array (88°) Lens
ZCM077GIV2   Low-Level Ceiling-Mount Array (360°) Lens
ZCM077GIV3   Mid-Level Ceiling-Mount Array (360°) Lens
ZCM077GIV5   High-Level Ceiling-Mount Array (360°) Lens



Zilog’s ZMOTION Intrusion Detection Solution provides a dramatic improvement in both sensitivity and stability over traditional security related motion detection designs. Like our other ZMOTION products, the Intrusion Detection Solution is an integrated and flexible solution for Passive Infrared (PIR) based motion detection applications and includes a high performance microcontroller with integrated motion detection algorithms, plus it includes a selection of lenses and PIR sensors to fit a wide range of intrusion detection and security applications. With integrated functions such as White Light Detection and Pet Immunity, the ZMOTION Intrusion Detection Solution is the ideal solution for security applications in which highly stable intrusion detection capability is vital.

The ZMOTION Intrusion Detection Solution, based on Zilog’s Z8FS021 MCU, combines the programmability and rich peripheral set of our Z8 Encore! XP family of In Circuit Programmable Flash MCUs with builtin motion detection software algorithms to provide the functions necessary for PIR motion detection applications.These algorithms comprise the PIR Engine and run in the background while control and status of the Engine is accessed through software Application Programmer Interface (API). These APIs allow designers to create their own application specific software while taking advantage of Zilog’s ZMOTION Motion Detection Technology. Additional API settings are provided to match PIR Engine operation to each lens and pyroelectric sensor combination.

Other ZMOTION Development Options

ZMOTION Detection Module. A complete board level module that provides a fully functioning, small-form- factor motion detection solution that can be integrated into your product.

ZMOTION Detection and Control. Zilog also offers a ZMOTION solution for non-security-related applications with a selection of lenses and pyroelectric sensors, plus API settings for optimal lens performance.

Resources & Documentation

Order Samples   Product Brief (PB0230)
Product Information   Product Specification (PS0288)
Development Kit   User Manual (UM0233)
ZDS II Development Tools   Technical Support
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