ZMOTION Occupancy Detection




ZMOTION® Occupancy Detection Solution with ZMOTION MCU and Software




Used in lighting controls, access control, display systems and general-purpose proximity-sensing applications, the ZMOTION MCU with optimized software solution provides an easy way to add energy management capability to various applications such as vending machines and appliances.

Product Features and Benefits
•  Includes preprogrammed ZMOTION motion detection algorithms
•  No need to develop complex motion detection software
•  Create a custom design and form factor while taking advantage of ZMOTION Detection and Control Technology
•  The ZMOTION PIR Engine runs in the background of the MCU while control/status of the Engine is accessible through a software API
•  Example hardware and software designs are available with the ZMOTION Development Kit
•  4KB Flash program memory available for custom applications
The ZMOTION MCU can perform other tasks specific to the application
Optimized detection performance and reliability


Part Numbers
ZMOTIONL100ZCOG   ZMOTION Detection and Control Development Kit
Order Samples   Product Brief (PB0225)
Product Information   Product Specification (PS0285)
Development Kit   User Manual (UM0230)
ZDS II Development Tools   Technical Support
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Other ZMOTION Products

ZMOTION Detection Module. A complete board-level module that provides a fully-functioning, small-form-factor motion detection solution that can be integrated into your product.


ZMOTION Detection and Control Bundle. The ZMOTION MCU bundled with a selection of lenses and pyroelectric sensors, plus API settings for optimal lens performance.



If you already have your lens and pyroelectric sensor and simply need the control and flexibility of an MCU and software with an API to access and fine-tune your application, consider Zilog's dedicated MCU and optimized software solution to complete your development. With integrated motion detection algorithms and an API to monitor and control them, you can create your own application software knowing that the motion detection portion of the design is already in place.

The motion detection algorithms comprise the PIR engine and run in the background of the MCU while control and status of the engine is accessed through a software Application Programming Interface (API). In effect, you can create your own application-specific software while taking advantage of PIR motion-detection technology. For example, the ZMOTION MCU includes a comparator with internal programmable voltage reference for zero-cross detection, a 10-bit Sigma/Delta ADC for ambient light detection or battery monitoring/charging, a UART for serial communications and two 16-bit timers with input capture/compare and PWM outputs.


Application Notes

High Brightness LED Reference Design (AN0309) + source code


ZMOTION MCU Block Diagram








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