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Featuring output voltage accuracy as high as 0.02 percent, current consumption as low as 0.6?A, and excellent line and load regulation, these Low Dropout (LDO) Linear Regulators can be used in various portable, battery-powered consumer electronic devices and automotive infotainment systems.

The input voltages of the LDOs range from 0.5V to 28V and the output voltages from 0.5V to 23V. The output currents are from 150mA to 1A. Besides these single output devices, dual output versions also available. In addition, negative voltage regulators with output voltages ranging from (-2.5V) to (-12V) are being released. All of the LDOs are internally compensated for stability, allowing the use of low ESR ceramic capacitors at the outputs. Other features include soft start, thermal shutdown, over-current protection, under voltage lockout, and ON/OFF switch.

Manufactured using CMOS technology and trimmed with laser, they are well-suited for smart phones, portable game consoles, digital still cameras, digital audio equipment, reference voltage sources, or power supplies for low-power medical devices.

IXD12 Features
  • Maximum output current ranging from 150 mA–250 mA
  • Output voltage range between 0.9 V–23 V
  • Maximum input voltage from 6 V–28 V
  • Accuracy from +/-1% to +/-2%
  • Current consumption in the range of 2.0 uA to 50 uA
  • Low power consumption

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